Corporate Training English Language Courses in Boston

Whether you are in hotel management, the restaurant business, finance or computer software, today's global economy has challenged corporations with the demands of outsourcing departments, hiring international employees or doing business across and within cultures - all of these are examples that have caused language barriers and linguistic difficulties in today's workplace.

This program is for the employer, concerned about how communication barriers have hurt productivity and other areas of business operations. If you are not sure how to reconcile the communication gaps between your native English-speaking employees and speakers of English as a second language, but you ARE sure that this is disruptive to your business, then let's talk about the English in the Workplace Program and see if it is the right solution for you.

On-site English training. How does the program work?

English Language School in Boston has years of experience creating custom-made corporate programs and can provide the English training that you need through our English in the Workplace Program.

The Program features corporate English classes tailored to the specific needs of your company and employees, including career advancement/interviewing skills, customer service, technical vocabulary, and other areas which we determine through a needs analysis done with the aid and direction of your Human Resources department or management team.

Work-site classes are geared to benefit those employees whose native language is not English, and the program is designed so that actual work situations encountered on the job become part of the classroom.

Entry-level students may work on basic communication skills, including interaction with customers, giving and receiving simple instructions, vocabulary specific to the worksite, communication with supervisors, and day-to-day conversation with co-workers.

Upper level students may work on business protocol, perfecting pronunciation, delivering presentations, honing networking skills and other social English, telephone communication, writing and reading letters of complaint, delegating meetings, and completing paperwork.

All levels can have the dual focus on work-related English skills and general survival English skills.

Before classes begin, participants will be evaluated and placed in groups according to their skill level. Both supervisors and students will be asked for input as to the needs of the students (explained as a pre-course needs analysis above) so that these can be met in the design of the course.

At the end of the course, supervisors will receive a written evaluation of their employees' progress.

The course can be designed to improve any or all English skill areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is very communicative in its approach, emphasizing oral communication over other skill areas.* Other primary skill areas are listening and writing, though those are done as an addendum to an oral communication exercise. Most written work will be completed at home and integrated into the lessons on the following day. Students can expect to do a few hours of homework a week, both reading, writing and reviewing concepts covered in the class.

*Unless otherwise indicated by the management team or supervisors at the time of the needs analysis, most companies are usually concerned with oral communication of its employees.

In addition to traditional teaching methods, students learn through the use of cassettes, videos, role-plays and games.

Benefits of the program for you

The English in the Workplace corporate training program with English Language School in Bostn specializes in helping speakers of other languages to meet the English-language challenges they face in the workplace.

If your company is concerned about productivity, effectiveness, and employee loyalty, then it should also be concerned about the English language abilities of your employees.

ESL instruction for speakers of other languages can benefit your company by:

  • Increasing employee loyalty through demonstration of company commitment to high-quality communication
  • Increasing productivity through faster and more effective work capabilities
  • Decreasing employee turnover levels
  • Decreasing conflict/tension among supervisors and employees
  • Creating the potential for employee growth within the company

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