English Conversation Course in College Park, Maryland

English Conversation Course is offered in the afternoon as an Elective course in addition to the core Summer Intensive English program.

Do you wish that you could just open your mouth and talk in English? That you didn't have to think out everything you wanted to say, but could just trust that the words would come when you needed them?

Then let this course help you develop your conversation skills. Wouldn't you like to stop translating in your head and start thinking in English? You'll learn concrete strategies to help you in this direction. You'll learn how English conversations work, the roles you're expected to play in conversations. You'll learn the special signals that English speakers use when conversing, and learn how to use them yourself.

You'll get the extra practice you need to become a more fluent speaker, a more confident speaker, and a more comfortable speaker. Your ability to express yourself in everyday situations will grow and develop. You'll speak with greater accuracy, more ease, and a wider range of vocabulary.

As an added bonus, you'll find that as your conversational skills improve, your listening skills will as well So the next time that life calls for English, you'll just open your mouth and speak!

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