Intensive English Language Courses in College Park, Maryland

English Language School in College Park offers various programs and courses for non-native speakers of English, including a full-time intensive English language program.

The intensive English program is a non-credit program offered three times per year. The fall term (September to December) and the spring term (January to May) are each 14 weeks long. The summer session (late June to the early August) is seven weeks long. Classes meet daily, usually between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm, with 21 instructional hours and two hours of a structured extracurricular workshop per week.

The program is offered at 5 levels ranging from beginning to advanced. On the first day of the semester, each new student takes an English language proficiency test and is placed in appropriate group.

Classes average less than 12 - 15 students and the atmosphere is friendly. You'll have many chances to speak, ask questions, and get expert feedback from a helpful instructor. Your classmates will come from all parts of the world, so you'll experience different cultures and countries and make friends for life.

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