English Language Courses in Denver. Methodology.

English Language Courses in Denver With the direct approach method, you will learn to speak English quickly and naturally. We use an exclusive series of video laserdiscs and DVDs combined with dynamic classroom instruction and interaction. The goal of our methodology is to make you comfortable using English in any situation you may encounter in everyday life, such as: travel, social and business introductions and meetings, using the telephone, effectively participating in a conversation, etc.

Some of the Basic Principles of our Methodology:

  • No translation in class

    The School's direct approach means that the student and the teacher only speak English. There is never any translation in the classroom and this forces you to think in English. You will be surprised at how easily you will learn.

  • Teacher Rotation

    The people you speak with in the real world all have different voices, pronunciations, vocabulary and speeds with which they speak. Therefore, it is important that you do not become accustomed to just one teacher in the classroom. Rotating teachers allows you to be exposed to many types of speakers and ensures that you will understand all people who speak English. Teacher rotation also keeps class fresh and interesting.

  • Emphasis on communication

    Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar is very important and we teach it through our very communicative approach without being tedious, boring and repetitive. You will speak, rather than analyze the language. The key to learning a new language is communication. Because communication includes reading and writing, they are included throughout our programs.

  • Special materials

    The School's specialty is carefully designed individual English courses for adults. The Director and ESL Director will work individually with you to carefully select a curriculum that meets your special needs. Your background in English, your goals in learning, as well as your job-related English needs are all taken into consideration when deciding on curriculum to be used in your course of study.

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