English Courses for Students 16 to 18 years old.

English Language Courses in Denver With over 25 Years of Experience Teaching English as a Second Language, English Language School in Denver has been described as a "home away from home" by many of our students. That comment illustrates the atmosphere and the type of intensive English program we strive to provide for our international body of students.

The school is a small, high-quality school with an average teacher to student ratio of 1:6, which allows us to provide personal attention to each and every one of our students. From the moment you arrive at the airport in Denver, Colorado, we take every step to make your stay with us rewarding and enjoyable.

English Language School in Denver offers three course programs to choose from:

Full Immersion (Platinum) Program

English Language Courses in Denver Private Instruction all day, 37.5 hours per week. Originally designed for executives with little time to learn a language, our Full Immersion Program is among the fastest, most intensive English programs in the world. Students can expect to advance 1-2 levels per month!

This course is 100% tailor-designed for each student. Our ESL Director designs curriculum and coordinates a team of instructors who are rotated throughout the day. This fast-paced course includes lunch with an instructor - in English of course!

Immersion Group Combo (Gold) Program

English Language Courses in Denver Group and Private Instruction, 36 hours per week. With the exception of private immersion courses, this is the fastest course we offer. The consists of Mini Group instruction in the morning and customized, private instruction in the afternoon. In addition, afternoon private classes give students both a customized curriculum and the individual attention they need.

Mini-Group (Silver) Program

English Language Courses in Denver Group Instruction, 21 hours per week. This program is ideal for students of all levels of English, and groups are formed according to level. The IG program consists of 21 hours of teacher-based classroom instruction per week and it allows students to study English at a more relaxed pace than our Immersion Group Combo program.

In addition to the school's core curriculum program, which emphasizes conversation and listening skills, students will be able to select from among a variety of elective courses and customize their program.

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