Executive Services.

At our English Language School in Denver, we realize that your life back home doesn't stop during your English program here in the U.S. That is why we offer services specifically designed for the global executive that make it convenient to stay in touch with family and continue conducting business without detracting from your studies.

English Language Courses in Denver Executive office
Executive Students in our Full Immersion Program receive a private classroom that functions as their own "office" between and after classes. Each classroom features a TV, DVD player and personal computer with full Internet access and email. This enables you to easily communicate with your office or family from the comfort and privacy of your own classroom.

English Language Courses in Denver Chamber of Commerce Meetings

Come experience American business in action! Our director personally accompanies you to a local chamber of commerce meeting where you will be able observe American business first hand and discuss business practices across cultures. A truly unique opportunity!

Executive Advising

English Language Courses in Denver English Language School in Denver is proud to be one of the few language schools in the nation that assigns an academic advisor to every one of its students. This guarantees an individualized program that meets your own specific needs.

Students in our Executive programs are advised by our director and receive the highest level of individual attention. Through testing and frequent interviews, you and your advisor design the most suitable program based on your skill level and personal objectives. Our director will do everything possible to ensure that your program is working effectively, and that you are making progress toward achieving your goals. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor at any time, about any aspect of their program, and any problems will be handled efficiently, professionally, and confidentially. In addition, you will work closely with our curriculum director to make sure your program is always meeting your specific needs. There are few programs as comprehensive and thorough as ours in assuring student satisfaction and quality control!

Travel Planning
Colorado's excellent location offers endless possibilities for travel, and the school can help you plan your weekends during your stay in Denver. Our Student Services Coordinator can assist you with plans for weekend trips in Colorado, as well as trips to cities in other parts of the U.S. We can make suggestions based on your interests and help you to plan the perfect getaway during your time off from school.

English Language Courses in Denver Rental Cars

Whether you want the freedom to get away on a weekend road trip or the convenience of driving to school everyday according to your own schedule, we can assist you in making reservations for a rental car at a discounted rate.

The school provides extensive communications services at our reception desk, including domestic and international calling, postal services and faxes. In addition, we offer special discounts to executive students who would like to have their own cell phone during their program.

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