Learn English in the United States! English for Adults.

Our General English courses are designed for adults and all our English language schools have students of different ages - from 18 to 78 years of age. Almost 30% of all our program participants are in their mid-20's, 30's and 40's and identify themselves as "Interested Adults". We have an Open Admission policy and invite everybody to participate in our English language and culture immersion programs. However, you should be aware that at most schools, groups are formed according to the level of the students, not according to their age.

A minimum of 21 years of age is required for the students attending Platinum General and/or Business English courses at our English language schools in San Francisco, USA. The average age of our clients on these courses is 30 - 49 years and a maximum group size is 5.

All IPSA English Language Schools offer English as a Second / Foreign language (ESL/EFL) immersion courses at all levels - from beginners to advanced - to adult learners. If your learning goal is to improve your English language skills and learn about the culture of the country where English is spoken, just choose your destination and apply for the course at the selected English Language School.







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