Learn English in the USA! English for Professionals.

We welcome professionals from all over the world and many different professional backgrounds; including managers, bankers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, footballers and research scientists.

For specialists who work in a specific industry we offer English language Courses for Professionals. These can be combined with General English and/or Business English as well as being taken by themselves.

Examples of these courses are:

English for Finance - We welcome clients from a variety of financial backgrounds including banking, tax and accountancy.

English for Human Resources - Course focusing upon the areas of English language and vocabulary demanded by those working in the sector of Human Resources and recruitment.

English for Journalism - This course focuses on the language needed for research, interviewing and writing skills.

English for Law - Aimed at qualified barristers and solicitors, junior lawyers, law students and legal secretaries.

Medical English - English is fast becoming a pre-requisite for those working in the medical industry. This course is aimed at doctors, nurses and other professionals in this specialised field.

English for Military - Designed to meet the English language requirements of those in the Army, Navy, Air force, Police force and other military operations.

English for Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Administrative staff - Areas of focus in this course include telephone communication, meeting and event organising, note taking, email, fax and letter writing, customer relations and topic areas essential for the day-to-day inter-company communication where English is the common language.

English for Aviation - This course has been created for all Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers dealing with International Flights. It focuses solely on speaking and listening and the need for plain and clear English for non-routine aviation situations. It has been designed with the new language regulations in mind which have been introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in a statement which gives March 5th, 2008 as the deadline for all concerned to reach Level 4 on the Language Proficiency Scale. It is highly practical and includes the use of aviation videos, tapes and role-play.

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