General English Courses in Honolulu, Hawaii!

General English Courses with 16, 20 and 25 lessons per week are offered by English Language School - Ala Moana Campus. Minimum age: 16.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced English speaker, this superb overall course will give you the skills and confidence necessary to get to the next level of proficiency.

Intensive and communication-based, General English will:

  • Increase your speaking, listening and conversation abilities
  • Improve your knowledge of practical grammar structures
  • Expand your vocabulary and improve pronunciation skills
  • Build your confidence to use English in a variety of settings

General English Schedule

Monday to Friday


08:30 - 10:20

Intermediate to Advanced


10:20 - 10:40


10:40 - 12:30

Monday to Friday


13:00 - 14:50

Beginner to Intermediate


14:50 - 15:10


15:10 - 17:00

One Lesson: 55 minutes
16 lessons/week: Monday to Thursday
20 & 25* lessons/week: Monday to Friday
*An additional 5-lessons per week are offered two days per week either 9:00-11:30 for beginners and intermediate or 13:00-15:30 for upper intermediate and advanced.

Students in the 20 and 25 lesson per week programs can choose elective classes on Fridays with topics such as Hawaiiana, Grammar, Idioms, Movies, Survival English, and more.

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