We are an English only school!

The use of English at our both schools in Honolulu:

  1. In addition to the academic experience provided by our English Language Schools in Hawaii, you should take advantage of every opportunity to use English.

  2. Using language is a social act, and as such, your choice of language is not merely personal but it affects others - those you speak to and those who are within earshot.

  3. At least in some cultures, the use of a language not understood by a person present is considered highly impolite and even insulting.
For these reasons, it is the policy of the English Language Schools in Hawaii that English be used in all communications among students as well as students and staff, and we assume that, by applying for admission, you accept our rule on the use of English.

Small, culturally diverse English classes:

The average class size at the English Schools in Hawaii is only 8-12 students. Classes are limited to 15 students, ensuring greater individualized attention and opportunities to participate.

Our students come from different countries. This mix of nationalities makes for increased opportunity to use English in all activities. Students at our school are studying English in order to enter a college or university in the United States or are temporarily away from their jobs or universities and are studying English and enjoying a vacation in Hawaii at the same time.

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Our English Language Schools in Hawaii pride themselves on their experienced and highly qualified faculty. There is a professional, experienced core faculty with advanced graduate degrees from major American universities. All are native English speakers, and most speak a second or third language as well. In addition, all of the teachers and staff have had experience living and teaching in other countries which gives them a deeper understanding and greater sensitivity to the backgrounds and cultures of our students. The instructors and staff truly care about the students.

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Excellent Academic Programs:

Both English Language Schools in Hawaii offer English classes that are carefully designed according to the latest research in teaching English as a second language. The teaching techniques and materials used will help you achieve your language learning goals. On your first day, you will have placement tests and interviews to accurately determine your starting level.

Since the Intensive English courses are serious academic programs, students are expected to attend class and complete all homework in order to pass the courses. The teaching method is content-based in the advanced levels. Students use authentic materials to study various topics. At the lower levels, the method is communicative with integration of all skills and grammar. Speaking and active participation are encouraged in all courses.

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