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Short-Term English Program (STEP) is offered by English Language School - Kalakaua Campus.

The STEP course is designed just like the Intensive English Program - IEP, but is for students wanting to study for 16 hours per week, Tuesday through Friday and do not apply for a student visa. The STEP is perfect for people who want to build their confidence in communicating in English and have plenty of free time to explore all that beautiful Hawaii has to offer. With STEP you have the flexibility to join a program at any time and study for the length of your stay in Hawaii.

The STEP, like IEP, is also centered on function-based, communicative textbooks which provide practice in the four skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. Conversation skills are heavily emphasized and strongly focused upon in the classroom. There are supplementary materials which include workbooks for reinforcing the daily lessons, additional grammar exercises to increase comprehension and developing accuracy, readings for building vocabulary and generating topics for discussion and out of class language tasks to provide you with opportunities to use English and to help you learn about the local community and Hawaii.

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Students in the Short Term English Program (STEP)

English Language Courses The students have classroom lessons Tuesday through Friday, for 4 hours each day. The students can take the course while in the U.S. on B1/B2 or other visa or visit the U.S. on a visa waiver program

The STEP group courses feature:

  • Core Course: a multi-skilled class that offers a full range of English skills such as Conversation, Listening, Reading, Grammar, Pronunciation, and more.

  • Grammar Class: a class using the Azar Grammar Book series to help build, or refine grammar skills.

  • Listening/Speaking Class: a class focused on creating group, pair, and individual speaking opportunities, as well as listening exercises.

    Students in the 400-600 level may take an optional TOEFL or TOEIC class instead of the Listening/Speaking class.

    Students in the 500 or 600 level may take an optional Business English class (BEC) instead of Listening/Speaking.

Levels and Evaluation

There are six levels of instruction in the English Program (Beginning to Advanced). Students will be assigned to an appropriate level of English instruction based on the placement test and oral interview given at the beginning of each term.

Proceeding to a higher level normally requires two eight-week sessions, but if a student does well on their classwork and final test, they may advance to a higher level after only one term. Students are tested and evaluated at the end of each term. Reports are given to each student. Each student will also receive a Certificate of Completion and a written evaluation at the end of every term.


Classes are kept small with an average of 8-12 students so the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly, and students have more opportunities to speak and ask questions. Classes are held in both the mornings and afternoons giving students a chance to study and enjoy the warm sun and the beautiful beaches and mountains of Honolulu.

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