TOEIC Preparation in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Preparation Program for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is offered by English Language School - Ala Moana Campus for students who are interested in taking the TOEIC examination. Entry level: Low Intermediate, level test is required.

This program assesses English language competency in a business context and is used by companies around the world to determine English communication skills. The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is the world's leading English test, with more than 4 million tests administered each year. The TOEIC test measures listening and reading ability and takes two hours to complete. English Language School - Ala Moana Campus is the official TOEIC Test Center.

Students are prepared for the main components of the TOEIC examination by covering:

  • Listening Comprehension.
  • Reading.
  • Business-oriented Vocabulary Review.
  • Grammar Review
English Language School in Hawaii Preparation Program for the TOEIC Test is the best choice for:
  • Students who use, or intend to use, English as a medium of communication in an international context

  • Students seeking an understanding of cultural issues related to global business.

  • Students with previous study in communication looking to extend their skills in English.
  • TOEIC Preparation part-time course is also offered at English Language School - Kalakaua Campus (Waikiki). Students can take the part-time TOEIC course as part of the Super-Intensive English Program. In this program, students study in the morning Intensive English Program 9am-1pm, and take TOEIC small study group classes (maximum of 4 students) Tuesday-Friday, 2pm-4pm for a well-rounded preparation for the TOEIC exam and beyond.

    Students can also choose the part-time option and take only the TOEIC small study group classes Tuesday-Friday, 2pm-4pm.

    Students should be at least intermediate level and place into level 400 or above.

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