English plus Art Courses in New York City, New York!

You've decided to study abroad and probably have many questions...

  • How will I prepare for college admissions, applications and home tests?
  • What work should I choose for my portfolio?
  • Are my current drawings and paintings good enough to get into college?
  • When are the deadlines for school application?
  • Is my iBT TOEFL score enough?
  • Can I communicate in English well enough?

English Language School in New YorkIf these are your concerns, our Language school, in association with the Ashcan Studio of Art can help you reach your dream of attending art and design programs at US colleges and Universities.

We have created special 6 and 3 month packages to help students prepare both their Art and English for entrance into post-secondary art programs. You can brush up your English or iBT TOEFL score and perfect your portfolio to get into the school of your dreams.

English and iBT TOEFL Courses are offered here at the school in New York, and your Art Courses are held just a few blocks away at the Ashcan Studio of Art. Here is a sample schedule:

  9:00 - 11:15 12:15 - 2:15 4:00 - 8:00
Monday iBT TOEFL Reading & Writing iBT TOEFL Listening & Speaking Drawing Stillife/Portrait
Tuesday iBT TOEFL Reading & Writing iBT TOEFL Listening & Speaking Painting Watercolor
Wednesday iBT TOEFL Reading & Writing iBT TOEFL Listening & Speaking Creative Artwork
Thursday iBT TOEFL Reading & Writing iBT TOEFL Listening & Speaking Multimedia
Friday iBT TOEFL Reading & Writing iBT TOEFL Listening & Speaking Figure Studies
Saturday Free Studio Hours:
Illustration Painting/Oil Watercolor
Painting Oil/Acrylic
Sunday Free Studio Hours:
Painting & Drawing

TOEFL Preparation at our school

Our courses are designed to help students improve their English ability, with a focus on conversation and communication. Language skills are developed through a comprehensive, multi-skilled learning system, taught by qualified native instructors. Our language instructors are caring, and patient professionals. Qualities, we feel, are essential in helping to build confidence and maintain motivation.

Reading & Writing Section

This section of the course focuses on the reading and writing sections of the test. A variety of reading exercises help students improve comprehension and learn the types of reading questions found on the test. Essay writing and other writing activities help students prepare for this important section of the exam. Multi-skill activities are practiced as well.

Listening & Reading Section

This section the course focuses on the listening and reading sections of the test. A combination of authentic English reading practice and TOEFL reading activities are used. Critical listening and reading comprehension skills are the core learning focuses.

iBT TOEFL Preparation at our school features:

  • 22 Instructional hours per week
  • A comprehensive curriculum focusing on iBT TOEFL reading, essay writing, listening, and speaking
  • Creative learning activities
  • Small classes; Maximum of 14 students per class
  • Professional, experienced, attentive instructors
  • Special services, like GEOS Coffee Talk
  • Computers set up with TOEFL software available for students

Portfolio Preparation at Ashcan Studio of Art

We will design your course layout, to ensure a completed body of work, and a portfolio of excellence.The Studio of Art is located just a few blocks away from our school, in the heart of Manhattan. Ashcan's students are provided with an individual studio space, and with access to our Research facility, furnished with books and a computer station for educational research. The curriculum is designed to complete your portfolio in a short period of time. In a 12-24 week period, 20 to 30 portfolio pieces are completed.


Learn the basic principals, techniques, and the uses of various painting media.


Learn to draw form life through observation of object and subject matter. Portrait, self-portrait, life drawing, figure studies, landscape, architectural, interior design, fashion, and more.

Creative Artwork

Develop Creative thinking that leads to the endowment of individual artistic style and creativity.

Multi-Media Drawing

Using a wide range of media (video, photograph, newspaper, music, and dance) to create art works.


Fashion, computer, and traditional illustrations. Basic two-dimensional design principals and practice.

College Portfolio Preparation at the Ashcan Studio of Art features:

  • Pre-college courses - 20 hours per week
  • Individually tailored curriculum
  • Design, Fine Art, Architecture, Fashion, Illustration, Sculpture, etc.
  • Excellent Instuctors, each with a superb educational background
  • Ashcan facilitates the entire admission and application process, including application, portfolio, essay, and interview appointment.

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