English Teaching Method in Newark, New Jersey

At our English Language school in Newark, we are experts at teaching English as Second Language. We prepare students and professionals to be successful in today's internationalized markets.

The focus of the English language school in Newark is not only to teach the English language but also to introduce the students to the American culture and life style. Our English Language school has been recognized as a unique learning institution, for its revolutionary and visionary methods of teaching which branch out to culture and human development.

Besides being an academic language school the school doesn't stop at simply teaching the students English but also assimilates them in the everyday American life style. Our courses are conducted professionally. The pedagogic directors are responsible for developing and updating the latest techniques.

The material utilized in the courses is didactic and highly efficient. We provide the best methodological and linguistic assistance in order to enhance one's proficiency in the English language. Books, film, audio and video material is used to stimulate conversation.

Teachers and students have at hand all that is needed to speed up the learning process. Courses include some materials and at the time of registration the student receives the first set of books. The Basic courses are 4 levels, requiring the students to purchase additional books as they advance from one level to the other.

Whether your goal is to pursue a better career, continue your education or to validate your educational credentials obtained in your native country, we offer you the open door through which you can achieve a better future.

Welcome to Newark! We are here to help you with all your language needs!

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