English Language School in West Palm Beach: Accommodations.

Our English Language West Palm Beach is committed to helping international students have a good experience while living in the United States. For this reason we offer accommodation placement service and can help our students to find host family, room or apartment rentals.

However, it's not easy to find accommodations in West Palm Beach that will meet your expectations. We strongly believe that you should see your accommodations first before we help you to make arrangements. We suggest that you book a hotel room for the first week of your stay in West Palm Beach and discuss your housing requirements with the student advisor on your first day at the school.

Accommodation prices vary. Host family accommodations start from $195 - $210 a week, room rentals start from $300 - $350 a month, studio apartment - from $800 - $1500 a month. These prices are for orientation only. The price can be confimed only at the time of booking and depends on location, quality of accommodations and availability.

Below you will find the information about some hotels close to the school for intenrational F-1 students located on Forest Hill Blvd.

Southern Pines Motel

English Language School in Florida Brand new motel bulit in 2003 and centrally located in West Palm Beach located just two miles from the school and one mile from the Palm Beach International Airport.

Distance from the school: 1.8 miles

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