Method of Teaching in English West Palm Beach, FL

English Language School in West Palm Beach offers small, student-centered English language classes. The class size is limited to maximum of 8 students in General English and Test preparation classes and to maximum of 4 students in English language programs for executives and professionals. We offer various types of English classes for many different levels. All students take a placement test before the beginning of the classes and are placed in appropriate groups according to their level.

All our teachers are professionals with university degrees in teaching English to the speakers of other languages and many years of teaching experience.

The following are some of the basic principles of our methodology:

Focus on Communication

Our teaching methodology focuses on communication, emphasizing speaking and listening over other skill areas. Grammar, reading, and writing are also important, and we teach those skills through a practical and communicative approach without being boring or repetitive.

English-Only Policy

Our students and teachers speak only English during class. There is never any translation in the classroom and this helps students to think and speak in English. Students are required to think and communicate in English at all times.


Homework is an important aspect of all English Programs. Most written work will be completed at home and integrated into the lessons on the following day. Students can expect to do a few hours of homework a week, both reading, writing and reviewing topics covered in the class.


There are on-going assessments of student progress throughout each level of the program. Modes of assessment vary from weekly quizzes and unit tests to regular standardized testing. The program measures student progress and provides feedback on students' successes and areas that might still need improvement.

The combination of a highly effective methodology and qualified, dedicated teachers means that whichever course you choose and at whichever level you begin your program, you are sure to improve as quickly as possible.

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