English Language School in Provo, Utah. Accommodations.

Our English Language School in Provo is committed to helping international students have a good experience while living in the United States. For this reason we offer accommodation placement service and can help our students to find host family, room or apartment rentals, or book hotel accommodations.

Room rental in a shared apartment:

English Language School in Provo, Utah Because of the major colleges and universities in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas (Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Utah Valley State College and Westminster College), apartments shared by two or more students are readily available. Most our students choose this option so they can enjoy the full college cultural experience and additional English immersion. Shared student housing runs from $125 to $250 per month. Private apartments begin at about $300 per month. Our College-age students who attend our campus and who agree to live by BYU standards may live in BYU approved apartments. Older students or those who do not choose to live by these standards have the choice of many other apartments in the Provo and Orem areas.

A rental home for a family of 4 or more will cost between $700 and $1500 per month. All prices on this page are for orientation only. The exact price may be confirmed only at the time of booking.


English Language School in Provo, Utah If you want to live with an American family while you are attending any of our programs, we will make arrangements with a local family for you. Home stay runs $2145 for double occupancy (for 2 students arriving together) and $2640 for single occupancy per semester (16 weeks). This includes breakfast and dinner during weekdays and three meals on Saturday and Sunday. Homesaty prices are subject to change without notice. Please see the "Dates and Fee" page for current prices.

English Language School in Provo, Utah Hotel:

The Marriott Hotel is less than two blocks from our campus. This hotel is nestled in a quiet setting where small-town atmosphere, culture, and values remain perfectly preserved and offers personal service and state-of-the-art amenities. Other hotels and motels are within easy reach by car or bus.

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