Business English Courses in San Diego, California!

Who should take this course?
Students or professionals interested in the English terminology and customs of American business, for academic or professional purposes.

To obtain the skills to become competitive in international and American business English.

Business English Courses Overview and Content

Course Length: from 2 weeks to an Academic year
Hours of instruction: 20 or 25 hours per week
Levels: Upper intermediate through advanced
Students Per Class: Average of 8 - 10 Students

This program is comprised of Core Classes (Reading and Writing; Listening and Speaking) in the morning (15 hours a week) and elective Business English course in the afternoon (5 or 10 hours a week).

Business English program offers several concentrations:

Business Correspondance - provides students with the opportunity to learn business terms, communication skills, and American business customs. English instruction is presented thematically for different business functions in the office; and new technological media in communication is taught to practice writing for international business purposes.

Business Presentation - helps the students develop the language strategies necessary for business situations by using realistic activities which will increase the students' confidence in speaking. Students explore contemporary business issues while realizing oral competency in key communication areas such as phone conferences, meetings, international trade and working together.

e-Business - focuses on the differences between traditional commerce and electronic commerce. Students will develop their English proficiency as it pertains to the Internet, electronic commerce and logistical support.

Small Business Ownership - provides students with the background and research techniques necessary for opening a business or applying for managerial positions at an operational level.

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