Private Courses in San Diego, California!

English Language School in San Diego offers one-to-one private English classes. Private tutoring offers one-on-one lessons for students. This course is the best option for students who do not have the time to study in our other courses. Private tutoring is also ideal for students who want to concentrate on a specific area of study such as grammar, conversational English, or functional English. Private tutoring is available for students of all ages.

Private tutoring is the most flexible course of study. Students have the opportunity to choose:
  • The number of hours (2-10 hours per week).

  • The topic they want to focus on.

  • The day(s) they have lessons (Monday-Friday).

  • The time they study. (Hours are variable and dependent on teacher/classroom availability.)

Conference Coach

If you're looking for a more personal and convenient way to meet with your English teacher, Conference Coach enables you to see and hear your personal conversation coach no matter where you live in the world.

It lets you text chat, audio chat, or video chat over the Internet without accruing any text messaging, long distance, or video streaming charges. Not only can you chat one-on-one, but you can get immediate feedback on your language skills without leaving your home or office.

Once you decide that Conference Coach is your ideal choice for your communication goals, choose between these options:

  • Audio Conferencing: 30 and 60 minute sessions

  • Video Conferencing: 30 and 60 minute sessions

System Computer Requirements:
  • For Audio Conferences:
    Computer: Any G3, G4, G5, or Intel Core Processor
    Internet: 56Kbps Internet connection (up/down)

  • For Video Conferences:
    Computer: 600MHz G3, any G4, any G5, any Intel Core
    Internet: 100Kbps Internet connection (up/down)

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