Learn English in the USA! English for Aviation.

English for Aviation course has been created for all Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers dealing with International Flights. It focuses solely on speaking and listening and the need for plain and clear English for non-routine aviation situations. It has been designed with the new language regulations in mind which have been introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in a statement which gives March 5th, 2008 as the deadline for all concerned to reach Level 4 on the Language Proficiency Scale. It is highly practical and includes the use of aviation videos, tapes and role-play.

In addition to this, the English for Aviation course will include:

  • Oral practice focusing on pronunciation, fluency and accuracy.
  • Role-playing and simulations from pre-flight to line-up.
  • Language lab and internet lessons on request.
  • Authentic and scripted aural practice.
  • Airport vocabulary
  • Routine and non-routine phraseology.

English for Aviation courses are offered at the following school:

English Language Courses in San Diego Aviation English Courses with Flight Experience Program and Private Pilot License Training Program are also offered at English Language School in San Diego, California, USA

  • Aviation English and Flight Experience Program:

    This program is for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of aviation! In just 3 weeks, you will learn all the basics of aviation communication coupled with practical training in the field with 14 hours of dual flight instruction capped off by a one-hour solo flight at the end of your program. This is the perfect starter course for those wishing to take up flying!

  • Aviation English and Private Pilot License Program:

    Once you are comfortable with the basics of aviation communication and practice, you may wish to obtain a United Stated Private Pilots License. This program is your official ticket to fly in America within 4-6 months. Please check with the school for special restrictions/requirements.

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