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English for Engineering

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  • Conversa Language Center
    The private program for professionals is specially designed to meet the needs of the professional who has a more limited schedule. This program offers you the opportunity to study English for as little as 1 week. It also allows you the flexibility of determining the dates on which your classes will begin and end. At Conversa we are aware of your need as a professional to be familiar with terminology specific to your line of work. Therefore, we provide you with classes and materials, in addition to our regular English classes, which will help you concentrate on the specifics of your field of work.
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Address:  128 E. 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA
    Tel:          513-651-5679
    Fax:         513-665-3792
    E-mail:     conversa@iac.net
    Web site: http://www.conversa1.com/englishforprofessionals.htm



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