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Pronounciation and Speaking

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Pronounciation and Speaking

ESL Web Sites
  • American Accent Training
    Offers an overview of standard American English pronunciation.

  • English Pronunciation
    Okanagan University ESL Pronunciation Online Program. To take advantage of the CD-quality sounds in these files, you will need a computer with a floating-point unit (FPU), and the latest Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia. At least 16 mb of RAM is also recommended.

  • Mouth Manglers
    Exercises to improve your pronunciation.

  • On-line Phonology Course
    The course is designed so that either native or non-native English speakers can achieve quite a sophisticated understanding of the basics of phonology. It is designed as a teaching aid rather than as a definitive study of phonology and, as such, sacrifices detail in favour of clarity and ease of understanding.

  • Presentations and Public Speaking
    How to give successful presentations in English - for EFL/ESL students.

  • Pronunciation on
    Information and resources covering both British and American English pronunciation, as well as use of the International Phonetic Alphabet to help with pronunciation.

  • Sounds of English
    Sounds of English is a website designed for learners of of American English and their teachers. This site includes: handouts from presentations, English pronunciation pages - pictures, sounds, and videos to help you with English pronunciation; activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening.

  • The Tongue Twister Database
    This page was created to give a good group of tongue twisters to people in speech therapy, to people who want to work on getting rid of an accent, or to people who just plain like tongue twisters.



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