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Featured ESL Web Sites
  • StudyCom/English for Internet
    StudyCom (of which English for Internet is a part) is a teaching project initiated and overseen by David Winet, who also teaches at the University of California at Berkeley (Extension) English Language Program. The purpose of the project is to explore and expand the educational potential of Internet by offering free online instruction by volunteer teachers to students from all over the world, in order, in part, to facilitate the learning of English by students who might otherwise not have access to, or resources for, 'real world' and/or paying classes.

    Conversa's English classes LIVE! You can also view the previous English classes in the video archive.

  • English (Ohio ESL)
    One of the most comprehensive collections of links to online resources for English Language learners and teachers.

  • Writer's Workshop
    This is an annotated collection of sites for students and teachers of English as a Second Language. Links are grouped by topics.

  • Writing at the University of Toronto
    Provides a number of online resources to help students to write well. You will find here writing centres and writing courses, advice files, announcements about writing support programs.



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