General English Program

The school uses a skills-based curriculum, focused specifically on developing the necessary linguistic skills in five major areas: Reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. We have realized that the best way to develop these skills is to do it in a "natural" way, the same way we all learned our native languages. Getting immersed in the language from the very first day. We believe that languages are not meant to be memorized, but rather to be used and practiced on a daily basis, in order to maintain a continuity and master it in a lesser amount of time.

In order to learn and master a language, it is necessary to view it not as a step by step approach, but as a continuous and progressive process, where students are continuously challenged accordingly as they go through their levels. We believe that languages are continuously learned and improved, the same way we are always learning and improving our native language. The main reason for this is that languages are always evolving; just like everything else we see or experience in life.

Practical Information.

Intensity: Intensive: 20 classes per week. Each lesson is 50 minutes.
Duration: From one week to as many weeks as you want.
Group size: Average of 10 to 12 students per class.
Level: All levels - from absolute beginners to advanced.
Age: From 16 years of age.
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