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Our all-inclusive English Adventure Camp program is designed for closed groups of 5 and more students arriving together (we do not accept individual students on this program). This program is offered to groups of youth ages 12-19, but is flexible enough to allow groups of college students as well. This program ranges from one to eight weeks and includes intensive English classes every morning and activities every afternoon.

The package includes: home stay, meals, transportation, tuition, daily activities, learning materials, certificate of completion, and an optional program-end trip to Disneyland, Las Vegas or other attraction. Rates are competitive.

Our campus is in a friendly and safe location that is ideal for young students on trips away from home. All activities are supervised by trained counselors; with friendly, qualified and professional staff.

English Language School in Provo, Utah Activities:

The Program is available year-round. Depending on the kind of activities you prefer, you can participate Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring. English camp activities may include camping, river rafting, biking, golfing, snow skiing, sightseeing, language games, hiking, swimming and shopping. You can even visit the venues used during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Optional trips to Disneyland, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Universal Studios, the Grand Canyon, and many other attractions can be arranged.


Our Homestay program provides the student with the experience of living in the home of a typical American family. Students use their English skills at all times because they are completely immersed in the American culture. Breakfast, dinner and transportation are provided by the host family. Lunches are provided by the school. If you choose, we can arrange for hotel rooms instead of homestay.

Please contact us for more detailed information.

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