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Before starting classes all students are to sit a Placement Test. The results of the test allow for the placement of new students in their appropriate level. In the event that students feel that they were misplaced a Placement Grievance Procedures is in place for their placements to be reconsidered.

To better respond to the individual needs and abilities of our students we offer 6 different levels.

Level Exam Level Learning Outcomes Samples


TOEIC - 325-425

TOEFL - 380-420
Express wants, preferences, needs, likes/dislikes. Fill out simple forms, Describe a person, objects, place, situation, and event.

High Beginner
Give and respond to apologies, excuses, permission. Express and respond to worry, disapointment, feelings. Request desired goods or services.


TOEIC - 425-626

TOEFL - 420-500
Engage in a conversation on a general topics and keep conversation going. Express and analyze opinions. Extract meaning/general ideas fromwritten texts.

High Intermediate
Ask for recommendations and advice,provide solutions to problems. Express hope, regre, gratitude, and sympathy. Understand personal, general or specialized prose.

Pre Advanced

TOEIC - 626-876

TOEFL - 500-600
Obtain, organize and present information. Attract attention, express concern, seek advice. Understand purpose and meaning of complex forms, and formal letters.

Give and follow instructions on technical and non-technical tasks. Express indifference, approval, dissapproval, and intentions. Understand complex formal instructions in an educational or workplace setting.

Each level takes aproximately 12 weeks to complete.

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