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Our school offers small, student-centered language classes. The class size is limited and there are various types of classes for many different levels of students. For a better learning environment, students are divided into appropriate levels. We offer both full and part time classes with convenient schedules.

During the first two weeks of study, all new students will be asked to take part in an academic counseling session with the school's academic staff. You will have the opportunity to discuss and workout any problems or concerns you may be having with your studies.

On the last day of each four-week session we offer our full time students individual counseling. Students will receive a report card with their grades and comments from teachers about their performance during the month. On the last day of class, each student meets one on one with their teacher for a personal counseling session. Your teacher will go over your report card with you, and give you some advice on how you can continue to improve your skills.

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