Accent Reduction Courses in San Diego, California!

If English is not your primary language, getting your message across can be even more difficult. Our Accent Reduction Communication Seminar enables you to speak English with ease and gained confidence.

Our workshops are either on a one-on-one basis or in small group sessions. You can choose from several different seminar workshops. Our certified-trained, specialists have proven their ability to identify core English Language problems - let them help you.

Conversation Workshops List:

  • Profesional English

  • Accent Reduction/Modification

  • Confident Communicator Workshops and Seminars

  • Consulting and Training

  • Private Coaching

Conversation Workshop Fundamentals:

This four-week workshop delves into the primary issues associated with Accent Reduction, Conversation, Oral Presentation and Writing Strategies. Each week, the program focuses on four developmental concerns.

In this one-on-one or small group setting, our trained, certified specialists identify core English Language problems and improve English language skills.

  • Conversational Fluency:
    formal and casual forms of polite conversation, public speaking, idioms/slang, common references, facial expression, body language, accent modification, quality and voice tone.

  • Writing Strategies:
    clarity, personal expression, document-style, editing and appropriate content.

  • Grammar and Sentence:
    structure with vocabulary enrichment.

  • Speech Preparation and Presentation:
    development and presentation strategies.

This program improves management and staff proficiency, teamwork and morale. The total immersion intensive-method provides clients with ongoing support and swift learning progress.

Recommended minimum sessions: 12 hours. We will make every consideration when scheduling your sessions. All National Holidays are Observed. Sessions are not conducted on Holidays.

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