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With the direct approach method, you will learn to speak English quickly and naturally. We use an exclusive series of video laserdiscs and DVDs combined with dynamic classroom instruction and interaction. The goal of our methodology is to make you comfortable using English in any situation you may encounter in everyday life, such as: travel, social and business introductions and meetings, using the telephone, effectively participating in a conversation, etc.

The vocabulary presented in our DVDs, texts, and cassettes has been studied and designed to be introduced gradually and systematically. This process helps you communicate easily and effectively. Outstanding teachers, combined with the aforementioned techniques, will provide you with the ability and confidence you need to face the world in English.

Placement and Completion Testing:

  • Upon arrival: students will take a primary placement test to determine their language skills in reading and writing, an oral interview with a qualified staff member to evaluate their speaking, listening, and general comprehension skills. This primary battery of assessment will be used to determine the student' initial class placement.

  • During the course of the program: the student will be assessed on a weekly basis to provide the instructor and the student with a progress curve.

  • At the end of the term: the student is tested again to measure comprehensively their acquired knowledge.
Once students finish their program, the school awards them a Certificate of Completion, a transcript listing their courses, and their progress chart.

English Language Courses in San Diego.

English Language Courses in San Diego English Language School in San Diego offers different courses which permit us to meet your individual needs, expectations and budgets. Students ages range from 15 years to 83 years old, but most are in their 20's.

Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

  • Intensive English
    Goal - To develop the skills necessary to achieve a higher level of proficiency in English

  • ESL Literacy
    Goal - To attain a new level of English that gives students linguistic independence and allows them to take more advanced English classes.

  • American Culture and Current Events
    Goal - To develop conversational fluency and an understanding of American culture in a world content.

  • English + Volunteering
    Goal - To promote individuals' awareness of their community while using their English skills in real life situations.

  • Business English
    Goal - To obtain the skills to become competitive in international and American business English.

  • Legal English
    Goal - To improve the student's communication and comprehension skills related to legal terminology and concepts.

  • Aviation English
    Learn Aviation English and obtain a United Stated Private Pilots License!

  • Travel and Hospitality
    Goal - To develop and improve the necessary vocabulary and skills for functioning in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries.

  • University of California Business Program
    This course expands your future career success in the international business world.

  • Academic English
    Goal - To develop the skills necessary to achieve a successful transition to an American institue of higher education.

  • University Placement
    Our University Placement Service will help you enter any university, college, community college, or vocational school in the U.S.

  • Education Technology
    Goal - To attain the English literacy and computer skills needed for effective usage in academia and in the workplace.

  • GMAT Preparation
    Goal - To obtain a score on the GMAT test that would allow the student to enter the graduate program in Business or Management of his/her choice.

  • MELAB Preparation
    Goal - To obtain a general assessment of their English language proficiency for educational or employment opportunities (U.S. and Canada only).

  • TOEFL Preparation
    Goal - To obtain a TOEFL score showing a level of proficiency which will allow students to enter the college or university of their choice.

  • TOEIC Preparation
    Goal - Individual test-takers find the TOEIC test an excellent tool to apply for new positions, obtain credentials and monitor their own improvement in English.

  • Teacher Training
    We offer international teachers and teachers-in-training the opportunity to study English and experience and American education in person through volunteering at an American elementary or high school.

  • Parent and Child
    High quality educational English lessons for parents & children.

  • English for 50+
    English lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri), activities and free time in the afternoons.

  • English and Tennis
    English lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri) and tennis instruction in the afternoons.

  • English and Golf
    English lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri) and golf instruction in the afternoons.

  • English and Waterpolo
    English lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri) and Waterpolo instruction in the afternoons.

  • English and Surfing
    English lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri) and Surfing instruction in the afternoons.

  • English and SeaWorld
    Two weeks of English instruction with homestay accommodations + One week SeaWorld camp with dormitory accommodations.

  • English Conversation Workshops
    Whether it is in the corporate or a personal setting, we will help improve your English Language skills through techniques that encourage positive communication.

  • Accent Reduction
    Our Accent Reduction Communication Seminar enables you to speak English with ease and gained confidence.

  • Private Coaching

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