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CELTA and TEFL Teaching Job Market in Europe

Our graduates have taught in Austria, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

As almost all countries are part of the European Union (EU), it is now almost impossible for Americans/Canadians to find legal jobs, especially in France and Spain. unless they hold or can obtain an EU passport. Of course, many Americans/Canadians still work, usually illegally, in EU countries such as Italy, Germany, Portugal and Greece. Most teach in the less reputable schools with poor working conditions and no job security. They have to pay their own airfare and find their own housing.

North Americans with an EU passport are in great demand for legal jobs. However, even they cannot usually arrange jobs in advance, and so have to travel to Europe for interview and to confirm jobs.

TEFL Job Tip: Western Europe

If you have a parent from an EU country, you may be able to obtain an EU passport. Contact your local consulate of the relevant country. The process takes months, but it is worth considering if you really want to work in Western Europe.

Two other points are important when considering teaching in W. Europe:

  • Virtually all TEFL jobs start in either October (70%) or January (20%)
  • The CELTA is usually the only TEFL certificate recognized in Europe.
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