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CELTA and TEFL Teaching Job Market in Asia

Our graduates have taught in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

There are TEFL jobs in most parts of Asia and most of them can/should be arranged in advance. In most countries, it is essential to have a BA/BS degree. The highest paying jobs are in Japan and Korea, where teachers with the CELTA can easily find good jobs in schools or universities, and can save up to $600 a month. Airfare and housing are provided.

TEFL Job Tip: Korea

You may have heard mixed comments about Korea, but our graduates' experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Since 1992, over 150 of our graduates have worked there, and almost all have really enjoyed the experience a lot. Many have stayed for a second or third year. The key to teaching in Korea is to obtain a recognized TEFL certificate from a training center which can help you find a job in a good school.

Teachers who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, more vacations, and less savings often go to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Teachers with the CELTA can usually arrange jobs in advance (except in Singapore), with schools providing housin g and often paying airfare.

TEFL Job Tip: Japan

Don't even think of flying to Japan to look for jobs (unless you have at least $6,000 with you). It is really essential to arrange a job in Japan in advance. If you have a recognized TEFL certificate, you can easily obtain a good job with a reputable school or university, which will deal with all the visa requirements, and will provide airfare and housing.

"We are teaching in Ansan, a small city surrounded by mountains, which makes it possible to go for short hikes on weekday mornings. We usually go to Seoul on Sundays for a change of scenery. The school provides airfare and clean, new apartments within a couple of blocks of the school. The owner and the academic director are very kind and generous. They have a sincere interest in the students and we really enjoy working with them. The curriculum is well-organized and there are plenty of supplementary materials."

Daphne Radock & Lee Lundquist, Korea

"Hello, English International! I graduated in March of last year and, I am very grateful for my excellent education - Thank you! I am currently heading up the English Dept. of Chiang Mai Commercial College. I am loving Thailand, and will return next year. We are looking for teachers and I can think of no better place to find them than through your school. We will be hiring approximat ely 10 teachers."

Deborah Dodds, Thailand

"I'm living in Hatsukaichi, 20 minutes west of Hiroshima by train. It's a pretty small town and I can get almost everywhere within 15 minutes on my bike - including my school, the ocean and the hills. I have a two bedroom apartment that is fully furnished - the phone was already hooked up, along with a VCR and color TV with cable. When I arrived, I was met by four other English teachers, who have been very helpful in helping me get settled and giving advice. I only teach 3 classes a day and the rest of the day is spent studying Japanese, reading, writing letters, attending a sports club, etc."

Steve Reinhart, JET Program, Japan

"I'm in the third month of my contract here in Taegu, and things are going well. The first two months were crazy, but things have settled. Thanks for giving me the preparation to survive it all. I promise to write a full description of life here. But, overall, it's exactly as advertised, and if you can place any teachers here, you should. Right now there are spots for September."

Bud Theisen, Korea

"Here I am in Jakarta, and I love it. I'm working at ELS. Brian Keevy (from my class) arrives in four days. I've made some friends and we go to discos, prepare lessons, sunbathe and generally just hang out together. I've tried to learn some Bahasa and it's really easy. Thank you for a rigorous course which challenged and prepared me for my current career. I learned more in our month-long program than in any other single month of my life."

Kevin Edelbrock, Indonesia

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