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CELTA and TEFL Teaching Job Market in the USA and Canada

There are usually plenty of part time and temporary TEFL jobs in language schools in the USA, particularly in the summer. In some areas, there are also part-time positions with local ESL programs for immigrants. However, it is more difficult to find full-time, long term positions, unless you already have some teaching experience.

The TEFL/TESL job market in Canada is very similar to that in the USA: it is easy to find part time or temporary positions, but harder to obtain full time, long term jobs, unless you have previous teaching experience. The best area for work is now Vancouver , where new language schools seem to be opening up every year.

"Your course has opened up many wonderful academic opportunities for me. In Italy, I taught adult EFL courses at all levels, and I was given ample opportunities to utilize all the teaching techniques I had acquired at EI. Since returning from Italy, I have been the Lead Teacher Coordinator of Project Star, a bilingual/ESL program at the U. of North Dakota. The majority of the students are Native American, Bosnian, Haitian, Mexican, Russian, Armenian and Chinese. I have also been taking classes for my Masters in Education Administration. I will graduate on August 2."

Nicole Beauclair, North Dakota

"I've been working since late August at a language school in Edmond. I teach from 9:00 - 3:00. As I'm in my seventh month, I've now taught every class at every level. I'm really enjoying teaching! Most of our students are from Taiwan, but we also have students from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and Venezuela. My students are interesting and, for the most part, motivated. I'm so thankful for the training I r eceived at EI. The teaching evaluations were especially useful, as I now try to evaluate my daily work!"

Elizabeth Frans, Oklahoma

"I am working as an ESL teacher at Pacific Language Center in downtown Vancouver and the job is going really well. I think it's the best school in Vancouver. The school shuts down for two weeks at Christmas plus a week in the spring and a week in the summer that we get paid for, too. Not too bad, huh?"

Kim Rogerson, Vancouver, B.C.

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