University of California Business Program in San Diego, California!

Who should take this course?
This course expands your future career success in the international business world. Students can prepare themselves for higher scores on the TOEFL exam and Business English use before starting University of California Business Certificate Programs. These programs offer students a way to complete certified business courses in a minimal amount of time.

University of California Business Program Overview and Content

Course Length:
Program 1: English Course - 12 weeks + UCI - 24 weeks
Program 2: English Course - 12 weeks + UCI - 36 weeks + OPT

Course includes:

  • TOEFL preparation
  • TOEFL exam
  • Business English
  • Workshop at UCI
  • Certified Business Programs
  • Internship
  • OPT (Optional)

Choose from the following programs:

Business Administration: prepares to enter an MBA program and guide you to obtain a strong foundation in business functions and analysis.

Global Operations Management: develop specific skills in the areas of international marketing, management, finance and business negotiations.

International Hospitality Management: learn to use marketing and branding techniques to capture and retain the hospitality client.

Marketing: enhance your knowledge and skills in the various components of marketing,consumer research, presentation skills, creativity and strategic planning.

Course Curriculum

*OPT(Optional Practical Training) allows you to live and and work in the U.S. up to 1 year. Schedule subject to change depending on ones's TOEFL scores and skills.

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