Technology in Higher Education Courses in San Diego, California!

Who should take this course?
Students and professionals who wish to learn basic or advanced computer skills. This course is recommended for students and professionals with strong independent study skills.

To attain the English literacy and computer skills needed for effective usage in academia and in the workplace.

Technology in Higher Education Courses Overview and Content

Course Length: from 2 weeks to an Academic year
Hours of instruction: 20 or 25 hours per week
Levels: Advanced
Students Per Class: Average of 8 - 10 Students

This program is comprised of Core Classes (Reading and Writing; Listening and Speaking) in the morning (15 hours a week) and elective Technology in Higher Education course in the afternoon (5 or 10 hours a week).

Technology in Higher Education program offers two levels of computer instruction:

Computer Basics - introduces students to Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. With this knowledge and practice, students will be able to write papers, create charts, access E-mail, and make presentations. They will also learn how to integrate all of these skills into one assignment.

Computer Pro - expands on Computer Basics by adding instruction in Microsoft® Access, FrontPage, Publisher, and SharePoint Team Web. This is a more advanced training system and requires previous familiarity with computer terminology and hardware.

Both levels of instruction provide the students with many opportunities for practice and for making and creating academic and professional projects.

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